About Bollmano's

The finest Italian cuisine in the wilderness

Our Founder

Our founder is Mark Bollman, a college professor and renaissance man. He got his start working for local pizzerias while attending college. There he observed first-hand the sorts of failures that he would overcome when he became a pizza mogul.

His road to the top hasn't always been easy - in the early days he faced stiff competition. Luckily, quality product and a good work ethic usually win the day, as they did this time. When he's not busy making dough, Mark enjoys trivia, root beer, calculators, teaching, and spending time with his wife Laura (although maybe not in that order).

Our History

Bollmano's was founded in 1993 and fought hard to gain acceptance. Hard work and superior product eventually won the day and many of our younger customers don't even remember the names of our earlier competitors.

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