Bollmano's Innovations

The finest Italian cuisine in the wilderness

At Bollmano's we pride ourselves on not resting on our laurels. We know we make great pizzas, but we're constantly trying to make not only our pizzas, but the entire pizza experience better.

Bollmano's began producing the finest Italian cuisine in the wilderness in 1993 and we've spent the last ten years developing new innovations in the pizzeria experience. Some of our noteworthy achievements:

1993 Spanning the globe in search of new toppings, Bollmano's introduces Spaghetti (cooked of course) to the US market

1994 Limburger cheese and Eels are added to the list of available toppings.

1997 Skittles are added to the menu. Adults like them, but kids love skittles.

1998 Make, Bake, and Take becomes our most popular item as we beat out late arrivals like Mongolian Barbecue. Customers assemble their own pizzas from ingredients prepared by our staff, we bake the pizza, and they take it away to enjoy it.

2000 Walnuts are added to the menu but hastily removed due to growing concerns about nut allergies.

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